Esoteric Buddhism Mudras and Meditations 
Mudras are symbolic gestures that make it easier for the practitioner to achieve certain states of consiousness such as deep relaxation or contact with specific spiritual beings.

These Mudras play an important role in Reiki.

There are two different types of MudrMudra without objects in the hands and  Mudras with objects in the hands.


The Mudra of Protection and Peace while giving Reiki

This mudra is the sign of Good Intentions and has been since ancient times. It is also known as the "do not fear" gesture. This Mudra radiates energy from all of our pores in the form of light into the entire universe.                            

Cost $25

The Mudra of Giving and Taking

This mutra used with meditation ensures the fulfillment of the wish to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. It symbolizes compassion, sacrifice, giving and receiving, brotherly love and sincerity. It also reminds us that they must be a fair exchange that takes place for everything.  Cost $25

The Mudra of the Connection between the Material and the Spiritual World.                                     Cost $25

The Mudra of The Pagoda

The Three Mysteries of body, speech and mind.
This mudra and meditation re-connects you with Intense Personal Enlightenment allowing the creation of a bridge to assist in further enlightenment in this lifetime.       

Cost $25

The Mudra of Spiritual Wisdom 
Guiding and Channelling the active power of wisdom.
This Mudra contains the wisdom and the power in such a way that it serves the highest good for the whole and that the suffering of this world is dissolved.                         

Cost $25

The Mudra of Heart Work                                    Cost $25

The Mudra of The Great Goddess Dai Marishi Ten Goddess of Light                                                   
Cost $25

The Mudra of Initiation                                       
Cost $25         

Esoteric Buddhism is a form of Buddhism in which the most profound teachings were not expounded openly, but were transmitted in secret from master to disciple. Esoteric Buddhism contained strong components of magic and ritual, and made frequent use of art to transmit religious ideas. Because of this, it became quite popular in Japan, attracting both aristocrats and common people.

"Most people take more care buying a cow than choosing a teacher, but you are entrusting your precious mind to a teacher so check very, very carefully".

Tibetan Lam Rim
A Buddhist text