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Holistic Services and Holistic Training



 We are a group of individuals with a shared desire to assist people achieve inner peace, improve their emotional and physical health, resulting in a fuller more rewarding life. Because of the diversity in training and abilities of our group, we are in the position to offer a wide variety of services. The Healing House has  been providing quality workshops in Peterborough and beyond, for over 17 years. Our associates have facilitated workshops throughout Canada and internationally.

Through individual appointments, workshops and classes we share our experiences, teachings and practices.



Creating Sacred Space

We open Sacred Space showing you a variety of techniques to create a sacred space for you to connect with spirit. 
Cost: $35

 Angelic Touches

During this peaceful and transformational workshop you learn how to communicate with Angels in a very simple and gentle way. Angels are constantly around us, touching our lives in ways we do not always realize. They are waiting for us to ask them for loving guidance, protection and healing. 

One on One with Fiona Newman

$100 for 1.5 hours of Individual Training 
Group rates 2 or more $85

Text 705-933-6447 or email

Past Lives & Dinner

$ 50 CAD



5.30pm to 6pm
Meet and Greet...

6pm to 6.30pm
Order Food and Introductions 

I will share Info about Past Lives and how to get the most from your past life journeys and experiences following dinner.
Some attendees have attended previously and are welcome to share stories and previous past life workshops...Happy/Funny Stories ... Bizzare stories, we have a few!

After Dinner Approx. 7pm

You will be shown 3 different methods to tap into your subconscious and "see into" a past life using each method where you can journey back in time to a previous existence where you will see, feel and hear who you were in past lives.

In addition to having fun, exploring past lives can benefit you in many ways.
Past life healing changes our present lives in remarkable ways. I have witnessed Ancestral Healing in Alcoholism... Weight.... Fears and Phobias.
You can "retrieve" information or abilities from previous lives which will assist you in life right now.

It is always fun to see the similarities in visions and past lives in a workshop...many times people see each other in previous lives.
I supply Notepaper and Pens.
Cost $50

A La Cart Menu
You are responsible for your Food & Drinks

Limited Spaces so register ASAP
Prepayment required as spaces are limited.
705 933 6447 text 

Celtic Fire & Crystal Spiral Labyrinth  

Walk the Tri Spiral Labyrinth, designed with Candles, Three Celtic Fires, and lined with Crystals

We begin with a short meditation, followed by a drumming journey setting your intention that you will allow yourself to release all that is needed to be released at the first Celtic Fire, the Fire of the Past...and in return you will bring forth your lessons learned and teachings received from your past in this life and in previous past lives.

The second Celtic Fire is the Fire of the Present ...walking the magical labyrinth and meditating on this fire will light passion for the present in your life. You will receive clear guidance on what you should be working on in the present time to bring completion to plans and allowing your future plans to be clearer and more driven.

The final Celtic Fire is the Fire of your Future. As a result of the two previous fires you are now free of obstacles from your past, have clarity about your current situation and can see a clear and positive future. The final walking meditation followed by a fire meditation will set you up perfectly for a future of your own design.

Facilitator Fiona Newman

Cost $65

   First Degree Reiki Training in PETERBOROUGH ONT

This degree is a permanent attunement to the Reiki Ray. Once initiated, it allows a person to channel Reiki energy for healing oneself and others. 

It requires no special invocation or alteration of the thinking process to turn on the flow of Reiki. By simply placing hands on and opening the heart to love, one automatically brings in the energy. 

The first degree is the foundation of all three degrees and must first be mastered before the person is considered for the next degree. Under usual circumstances three months time should pass between first degree and second degree. 

Cost $175 Payment Plans available

Medium Messages & Dinner

$ 50 CAD

Wed JULY 29th at Kelseys PETERBOROUGH

5.30pm to 6pm Meet & Greet
6pm to 6.30 Order Food and Introductions
After Dinner approx: 7pm 
A La Cart Menu You are Responsible for your Food & DrinksCost $50
*prepayment required as spaces are limited & register ASAP
prepayments: Paypal or email transfer to
Phone or Text Message 705-933-6447

Mediumship Training with Fiona Newman

Group Training  Max 5 people per Class

The Mediumship training is an intense course where you learn how to conduct a medium connection with a soul who has passed. This speaks for itself.

Learning how to connect with people who have passed is a life changing experience. It is very rewarding to connect clients who are grieving with their loved one and assisting them in beginning a new relationship on a spiritual level.

You will take journeys to the Spirit World/Heaven/Nirvana/Shamballa, find out your responsibilities to the souls who require you
r service and how they will assist you in yours.

We work carefully with your Gatekeepers and Interpreters to guide you on your wonderous journey into Mediumship.

You will become proficient in connecting with spirit and to feel comfortable to ask questions of , ask advise on how to assist your client to the best of your ability and to relay messages and give your "client" the priceless gift of healing, a clear and concise connection with the loved one who has passed.

There are limited Space as this is an intense workshop where we deal with deeply emotional material which requires a more personal touch.
Cost $240
There are 16 hours of training in 4 hour modules.

Vision Board    

Vision boards are powerful tools that work with your natural learning ability to sink your dreams into your subconscious.
A vision board is visual representation of the things you want to be, to have or to do in your life.
It's a collection of images that represent your ideal life. It may also include written quotes or affirmations. It is a powerful tool that showcases your deepest goals and desires for your life. Vision boards may also be referred to as dream boards.

What to expect from this workshop

In the Morning
We use various techniques ro release what we need to leave behind before we set our intentions for 2015
We connect with our guides and higher selves to truly channel our desires for 2015 and in the future. With their guidance we release the Ego driven desires and follow the Dreams and Goals of your Spirit.

After Lunch
We use Positive Affirmations and Reiki Symbols to ground us in our future.
We then sit and create our Vision Board using Magazines, stickers and some BLING !

Then you bring your Vision Board Home and place it in a central location where it is seen as often as possible. The more you see the vision Board the more likely you are to attain all your goals and desires!
$60 Adults $25 Kids and Teens
PrePayment required as SPACES ARE LIMITED.