The Healing House School
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Holistic Services and Holistic Training

 We are a group of individuals with a shared desire to assist people achieve inner peace, improve their emotional and physical health, resulting in a fuller more rewarding life. Because of the diversity in training and abilities of our group, we are in the position to offer a wide variety of services. The Healing House has  been providing quality workshops in Peterborough and beyond, for over 17 years. Our associates have facilitated workshops throughout Canada and internationally.

Through individual appointments, workshops and classes we share our experiences, teachings and practices.

Seven Teachings for the Soul

There are Seven basic teachings to living a good life. If we use these teachings to assist us in everyday living we will do so with greater ease.

The course is profoundly changing on many levels.
This course is being offered in a weekend Intensive. Prior to the workshop you will receive instructions on how to find yourself a Seven Teachings stick which will be a wonderful tool for you.
 Why do you need a stick you ask?
I could never remember all seven teachings, even when I was teaching I would forget one. I asked my friend Sue to design me a stick to help me remember.  What Sue created was much more than I anticipated. It has become one of my most prized possessions. I hold it and instantly feel calm.
We cover one teaching at a time ...discuss the teaching....meditate and do a drumming journey on each teaching.
Please bring a light lunch, a notebook, pen and an open mind.
Cost $265  Earlybird save $50 if paid by July 3oth


One on one Training   *   Group Training

The Mediumship training is an intense course where you learn how to conduct a medium connection with a soul who has passed. This speaks for itself.

Learning how to connect with people who have passed is a life changing experience. It is very rewarding to connect clients who are grieving with their loved one and assisting them in beginning a new relationship on a spiritual level.

You will take journeys to the Spirit World/Heaven/Nirvana/Shamballa, find out your responsibilities to the souls who require your service and how they will assist you in yours.

We work carefully with your Gatekeepers and Interpreters to guide you on your wonderous journey into Mediumship.

You will become proficient in connecting with spirit and to feel comfortable to ask questions of , ask advise on how to assist your client to the best of your ability and to relay messages and give your "client" the priceless gift of healing, a clear and concise connection with the loved one who has passed.

There are limited Space as this is an intense workshop where we deal with deeply emotional material which requires a more personal touch.


Pre- requisite Basic Spiritual Development Training
 (which is available before this course begins)

Cost $185 

Special Event

Grande Prairie Alberta

Celtic Fire & Crystal Spiral Labyrinth  

Walk the Indoor Tri Spiral Labyrinth, designed with Candles, Three Celtic Fires, and lined with Crystals

We begin with a short meditation, followed by a drumming journey setting your intention that you will allow yourself to release all that is needed to be released at the first Celtic Fire, the Fire of the Past...and in return you will bring forth your lessons learned and teachings received from your past in this life and in previous past lives.

The second Celtic Fire is the Fire of the Present ...walking the magical labyrinth and meditating on this fire will light passion for the present in your life. You will receive clear guidance on what you should be working on in the present time to bring completion to plans and allowing your future plans to be clearer and more driven.

The final Celtic Fire is the Fire of your Future. As a result of the two previous fires you are now free of obstacles from your past, have clarity about your current situation and can see a clear and positive future. The final walking meditation followed by a fire meditation will set you up perfectly for a future of your own design.

Facilitators The Healing House Team and friends.

Cost $65

Spiritual Development

Crystal Magic

Wednesday Nights 

6.30pm to 9pm

Crystal Magic will be a weekly workshop on Wednesday evenings.
Different topics will be covered each week.


Alison Mathewson´╗┐  Darlene Dove  Kelly Stevenson   Cayla McCollough

Pre register please so we have enough supplies for everyone